Asia’s leading architecture and design awards
    Extended Submission Deadline: Sunday, 15 July 2018


The A&D Trophy Awards (previously The Perspective Awards) were created in 2004 to celebrate excellence in architecture, interior design and product design across Asia-Pacific and beyond, with a panel of expert local and international judges ensuring that only genuinely exceptional work is rewarded.

Whether you’re an architect, interior designer or product designer – or aspiring to join their ranks – you’re only as good as your latest project. If you are recognised with a win, it will be with the knowledge that your work is truly outstanding in an exceedingly tough competition.

Comments from previous judges

Leonard Lee Regional Creative Officer & Regional Managing Director, AsiaPac, Wilson Associates It’s definitely a fascinating array. I’m personally encouraged by the diverse talent that we have in the industry. There were several outstanding projects that demonstrated a deep understanding of the client’s brief and vision. So definitely a resounding ‘yes’! The standards are high for many of the entries, and not only from the seasoned firms and designers.
Ou Baholyodhin Creative Director for Home Furnishings, Jim Thompson What each entry had in common was a high degree of development, realization and the superb quality of presentation. Functionality was never disregarded in any of the entries, actual use being thought through with great care and attention. All the projects, apart from being functional, beautiful – and some with a certain sense of humor – were delivered in flawless packages.
Steve Leung Steve Leung Designers I think that every year the overall standard improves. There’s a lot of design talent out there and designers have to raise their game to stay ahead. It’s not just about the look and feel, but also how well ideas can work in practice. Some of the projects I saw were definitely innovative in this regard. It’s not always easy to be creative with budget and other project constraints, so I applaud those designers who are able to innovate and push the boundaries.