Russell Greenberg

Founder, RUX Design
Co-founder, Stickbulb
New York

Russell Greenberg is the Creative Director of RUX and Stickbulb. His designs range from an award-winning mosque masterplan to water-purification systems, porcelain busts, vending machines, furniture and sustainable LED lighting systems. Greenberg founded RUX in 2008 as a platform to support his diverse interests and foster a collaborative design culture. Over the following nine years he led the studio in developing new products and intellectual property for the likes of Unilever, Samsung, Mozilla Firefox and Pernod Ricard, as well as for start-ups in the packaging, consumer product, cleantech and mobile tech industries.

In 2011, he shared his vision for a modular system of LED sticks made from reclaimed wood with the team at RUX, and in 2012 co-founded Stickbulb with Christopher Beardsley to further develop and manufacture the designs. Prior to founding RUX, Russell founded the architecture department within Studio Dror, where he led the design of Nurai Island, an artificial-island resort in Abu Dhabi voted “most luxurious project in the world” by Newsweek magazine.